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How To Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool?

Steps to Fix Errors by QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Step1: Launch QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Firstly, make sure you have QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool Download in your computer system.
Be sure that you have to save the file in Windows Desktop.
Put a halt to every background process running, and then RUN the tool (the software will update itself when opened).
Lastly, restart your computer system. It will ensure that all the components are streamlined.
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Step2: Update your Windows with the latest updates

It is better to update your operating system with the latest updates. To fix issues regarding .NET Framework, C++ or MSXML, it is quite relevant to go for the latest updates.

Moreover, if you have an old version of the operating system, i.e., Windows, it can put a halt to all of your workings.

If you want to update your Windows with the latest updates, then:

Firstly, click Windows Key on the keyboard
Secondly, look for the Windows Update option
Go as the per instructions which are reflecting on the screen.
Updates will get install and then restart your computer to see the effect.