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of the Capital High

of the Capital High Court in Nanjing in the late 1940s, he personally waved the hand of the giants of the Nanjing Massacre and sent Gu Shoufu, the principal of the Nanjing Massacre, to the guillotine. Later, he participated in the trial of Lieutenant General of the Japanese army and the war criminals. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, he presided over the Northeastern traitor Wang Yintai, Yin Yugeng, Ding Mocun, and also presided over the trial of Wang Jingwei's two sons Wang Wenzhao, Wang Wenying and Anhui Provincial Puppet Governor Luo Junqiang, who served as the chief commander of the public trial of the traitor Zhou Fohai... After writing his wonderful life Huazhang liberation, Ge Zhaozhen was the editor of the Anhui Provincial Museum and engaged in the appreciation of ancient and modern paintings and calligraphy Cigarettes Online. According to the "History of the Republic of China" and "The Fanchang County", he is a famous Chinese contemporary calligraphy artist. My father often recalls that his grandfather��s life has no habits of luxuries and extravagance. His works are often exhibited with famous artists such as Shen Yinmo, Guo Moruo, Yu Youren, Zhang Daqian, Qi Baishi and Xu Beihong. In order to commemorate this outstanding patriot Online Cigarettes, the local government has built a crown for him in the green hills of Ke Chong. Ke Chong seems to have a certain gas field in this place. It is about a person's mountain and lake. The two monuments have become an entrance. Looking inward from the standing position, I saw a lake, a bamboo forest that overlaps in depth, and a tombstone in black and white. Just like the picture scroll of Jiangnan, it is slowly unfolding, and the literati paintings have the intriguing meaning of each pen. If the "mountain" is judged by history, "lake" is like the realm of calligraphy, "bamboo" is like a high-level festival Marlboro Lights, "porcelain" becomes the vein of life, gradually becoming silent, and the beautiful father is standing on the mound by the lake, and the body is slightly tilted. The old man who was guarding the mountain ignited a cigarette, and he picked up a faint blue smoke and scattered it to the quiet lake. We only worship the grandfather in the Ching Ming and the winter solstice, just like visiting a sleeping person. In fact, it is the natural landscape and everything in the heart that comforts us. We are looking for a natural landing posture for the heart that hangs in the world. Are looking for. The father and the old man are very familiar with each other. The old man��s eyes are slightly stunned. You can capture the shadow of the Nantang official kiln from the old man��s words. He uses the extremely fast dialect to talk about the legend of ��Ke Da Ke Er��. According to legend, this kiln was founded by the five generations of the Keshi brothers. The local elderly still call a large bowl "Ke Da" and another small bowl called "Ke 2". The Keshi brothers were smashed into a dragon bed. After hard work and success, the dragon bed was exquisite and vivid, almost perfect, and everyone was excited to choose the good delivery Newport Cigarettes Coupons. As the overweight dragon bed was lifted to Longting Street not far from the ancient ferry, the hemp rope suddenly broke and the dragon bed broke. The Kos brothers had no choice but to escape. The old man seems to have told everyone about the passing of the guest, so the smooth memory passed through the famous kiln of the years and two months later, Uncle Fanchang took a book to see the disease in Penghu. The father braved the heavy rain, kept the book in his arms and retrieved it from the hospital. A book called "Searching for the Famous Chinese Kiln" published by Mr. Qian Handong, published by the Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House, has an ink mark on the cover. It is thought that the uncle learned that we were looking for information on the Fanchang Kiln and gave it away. The above has a comprehensive appraisal of the cultural value of Fanchang Kiln, and it has also opened a section to write "After Don't Forget Ge Zhaoyu", and it is equipped with a picture of the tomb. The excavation of Ke Chong Kiln is a reflection of his grandfather's strong national complex. This book explains the indelible contribution of his old man to Fanchang Kiln from a deeper level. His father has readily purchased several books from the Internet, and they are different according to their brothers and sisters. The address (Sichuan, Shenzhen, Wuhu) was mailed out, and life was silently broken like the veins of porcelain, silently continuing. Coincidentally, a few months later, soon after his grandfather��s 100-year commemorative edition of ��The Hundred Years of Book Style, Qianqiu Fayin Zheng�� was published in the press, the cousin far away from Sichuan came back from a distant place. This is his thirty years. After the return, we were all there when we met, and he looked like his grandfather was young. Our young juveniles are suddenly lost on the map, nowhere to look for, but the breath that comes out of the bones, like the tide of the family, is endless. The usual situation is this. Some people who are close to the bloodline have long lived away, gradually moving away, and lingering. The wind in the depths of the years screamed, screaming through the gaps of fate, a burst of warmth, a vicissitude of life, a silent sigh. Shanghai, a winter afternoon, once again brought out the ��Looking for the Famous Chinese Kiln�� brought from Wuhu. The veins of the ancient kiln became clear from a piece of text and turned to the text of the Fanchang Kiln. The grass, the soil and the tablet are their identification. At the moment, the lake, a bamboo forest, waiting for something in the early winter of a hundred years? In fact, these are irrelevant things. The landscape is the religion of the human heart. The quietness of the harmony between man and nature is so good. Time will become transparent, and nothingness will disappear with the wind. Come out and watch. Lonely night, suddenly raised his head, in a porcelain bottle near the window, inserted in the bamboo branches of Ke Chong's tomb, occasionally a subtle sound, smashing, smashing, broken porcelain cracks in secretly extended ... if the wind On the day, the bamboo shadow is gently shaken on the page. This is about the beauty of life. Is the Fanchang Ke Kiln a mysterious lost kiln? The key to the years will eventually open the mystery of the millennium Wholesale Cigarettes.

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