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Works great on a Bjorn porta crib and costs lots less then the Bjorn product.
   Lynda Hill
This boi works so good that I ended up oversleeping and being 30 mins for work! Sleep with caution cause this thing will make you go LIGHTS OUT!
   Mohsen Aroua
Bought these as extra gym shorts that would expand their usefulness throughout the summer. As gym shorts, they worked pretty well I think. The kids did not do a lot of floor work, so the loose flare fit was not problematic but think if she used these during regular PE, would have heard some complaints about not being fitted enough. Great for everyday wear, from tanks to tees.
   Jutt Usman
Great product at a great price. Fit comfortably, not too tight and breathable. Will look for new colors in July.
   Itzel Lpez
Excellent Brand, but I just replaced my other pair and these were a little bigger. However I still think it was a great price.
   Maximiliano Vagnoni
Love these for workouts or just hanging around the house. Wife loves them too. So I bought more for her.
   Kim Cannon

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